Completed B.Com from St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama.
Persuing MBA from St. Joseph’s University
Currently holding the Title “Mr. Dimapur S2”.
You can call him Sunep. According to him, his journey was described as- “Life advanced from very boring to not”.

“See you at the end of the tunnel”

AP: Pageantry can be controversial at times, our society believes that it is demeaning “Body positivity” or all about “Tickets” for the events. What is your stance?

Sunep: See, nobody’s going to force you into a pageant and make you wear anything that is uncomfortable. You know what you are getting yourself into. If you know what body positivity means;

It literally means being positive about the shape and size of your body.

If a person is calling you small, when you are small and it makes you dislike their comment, it simply means you are not positive about your body, same applies with all. Some embrace diversity while some struggle, resulting in scrutiny. However, enlightenment is from within and that is when you become a living example of body positivity. If ” YOU” don’t like something about yourself, change, nothing great comes easy.

And remark about the tickets would only come from a person who’s not hands-on with the way it is administered. Prayer, Support and Handwork is enough to make one win any title. But if we think properly selling tickets plays a major role in funding to organize such event as most of these kind are not funded by the Government and we can’t always find good sponsors.

“It is sometimes necessary to sell tickets but it should not determine Winning or Losing.”

AP: We want to know who is the “Strongest” among your family member by having a healthy WWE championship.

Sunep: Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as healthy or friendly competition. We play to win and win to play, otherwise what’s the point of having a competition.

Thus my mom and dad would win by default because I will not be putting a finger on them even if it is a healthy competition.

AP: Have the feature to pause online games or have the best network ever.

Sunep: For sure I would  choose the feature to pause game to fulfil my mother’s request. I literally fear and respect my mom the most.  I am sure most of you all know the aftermath of not listening to her.

AP: How eventful is wining Mr. Dimapur S2 for you?

Sunep: Not really. I dare not say my life has been boring, just nothing as drastic or impactful as winning Mr. Dimapur. This interview being one of its various causes.

AP: As a musician, instruments would be very dear to you. Would choose the ability to play or own musical instrument?

Sunep: I would hands down -Not own any instruments than to never play any interments.  I am a self-taught guitarist and a drummer.

I learned them by plucking rubber bands instrument box guitar and tapping on bamboo muras .

Now I play at church and events, it was God’s plan all along. Not being able to own an instrument did not stop me from learning and playing them. There is no room for excuses when there is zeal.



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