Hi I am Imkong. Born and brought up in Dimapur. I am one of the members of Dreamzunlimited. I’m an extreme foodie and a movie buff. I also like sports.

Can you share us some of your favorite incidents with your fans.

I come across people who often greet me with the signature pose of Rev. Fredericks.

Your Journey with “Dreamz Unlimited “. How did it started?

DU was already a group created by our dear director Tia and his friends even before I became a member. My journey started when we got involved in the Church and drama activities. And eventually from small plays to gospel movies and now full fledged on YouTube and cinemas.

In a parallel world- A different world- what you like to see yourself as?

If not an actor, I would have been into sports, mainly martial arts. That’s something that I’m always interested in.

How are you such a natural actor/performer? Kindly share us your tips. Do you have that “Made up Back Story” for your character?

It’s all about the focus . If you love your job and be as involved as you can be , the rest will all come in place. While playing my character, I always think from the character’s point and try to be person that the script demands.

If you were to live as one of your character forever. Which one would it be? Why?

Well, each character has a role to play or a lesson for us but I think Mr. Truth is one character we should all imbibe.


Are you good at convincing people? How would you do it?

I think that’s a difficult thing to do and I don’t think we can convince anyone to do something that they’re not okay with. If it’s for a greater good, we could gauge them as per their interest. That way they can relate what we are getting them into and why.

Tell us one thing you are scared of and why.

When I was a kid, I used to be scared of the dark but not anymore.

What is your favorite activity/hobby?


It is the one thing that keeps me active and focused


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