Kristi: The place I call home, Nagaland has so much to offer. Food is among one of them. In this book you’ll find a compilation of recipes from each tribe of Nagaland and more. Some of the ingredients may be familiar to you like bamboo shoot, Axone but you’ll find me here using some rare ingredients which you may have never heard off. Our way of cooking is very rustic and simple. It’s our traditional ingredients which makes it unique.

If you are someone who wants to explore cuisine from different culture you have picked up the right cookbook. The recipes are authentic yet so doable that by the end of every recipe you’ll have the basic knowledge of Naga cooking.

My cooking is hugely inspired from my mom. She is a genius when it comes to experimenting with different Naga ingredients I remember as a child sitting near the fireplace and seeing her work her magic in every dish, this book is an homage to her.

Lastly if you have picked up my cookbook I presuming that you are an adventurous foodie like me and I’m glad to have you here.

Welcome to Nagaland the land of festivals.

AP: Which love wins: Your love for devouring food or Your love for cooking food? Why?

Kristi:This one is simple. It’s my love for cooking food.

It’s like a therapy for me, my mind gets creative. From sorting out the ingredients to making the videos and writing down the recipes it’s a whole process which keeps me busy and let’s me escape from the full time job I have as a mom and also the sheer joy I get from feeding someone I care about is just a wonderful emotion.

AP: During my college days I had an online friend from mainland India. They somehow gathered the courage to ask me if we actually eat humans. What is your take on Dog/Snake/ Snail/Silkworm as a part of our cuisine?

Kristi: Me and my friends had the same experience too when we were pursuing our degree in Mumbai. People would look at us differently not knowing the geographical reasons of why we consume such type of food.

And I might sound biased here but consuming endangered species and pets like dogs I’m totally against it. But something like silkworm, river snails or bees larvae to name a few are something which is farmed and sourced so I’m ok with.

AP: Share us the supporting roles around you.

Kristi: My sisters and mom most definitely have been a huge supporter of my passion. Maybe because they are still shocked to this day that I can cook up so many dishes Naga and non-Naga comparing to how I was 5-6 years back. Cooking proper food is something that I got into after my marriage before that it was just noodles and fried food.

My husband is also my hardest critic and I truly say this, that because of him I’m a better cook today. As much as I don’t like being criticised (who does) I like the challenge to better myself.

AP: Choose between- Premium Ingredients but Primitive Kitchen or Premium Kitchen

Kristi: I’ll take the latter.

If you look at my original recipes on Instagram you’ll find that I use basic and simple ingredients because I want the recipes to be doable. I want a non cook or someone, even from outside the state to go like hey! I can make that. So even if I’m given the basic ingredients I’ll be good to go.

All I have been wanting nowadays is to have a tall window in my kitchen where the sun comes through and a huge glass pantry to showcase my utensils that I have been collecting over the years. So premium kitchen please.

AP: If you happen to receive a full pig as a gift. How do you plan to prepare that? Share your ideas for the buffet.

Kristi: If someone would be generous enough to offer me a full pig I’ll roast the whole pig over a grill or a traditional fire pit but first I would season it with salt, sichuan pepper and our local chilli powder then roast it over for half a day giving it an occasional glaze for colour and to retain the moisture. I’ll serve that with some spicy homemade sauce. Along with that I’ll be serving cabbage salad, green peas machihan, stir fry vegetables, baked sweet potatoes and yam with axone stew cause I understand not everyone like dry food and for sure there will be rice.

AP: Some say Uncle Roger but we want to make sure who is your favorite Celebrity chef and why?

Kristi: Uncle Roger is a comedian by profession so I wouldn’t take him as a chef but cook maybe.

As for my favorites I have a list,

For international celebrity chef it would be Jamie Oliver. I like his simple and casual approach. He was one of the first chef I started watching when we got cable at home and that was when I was in high school he has been my favorite ever since.

For Indian Chefs it is would be Ranveer Brar. He gets into the details of how the food originated and the story behind it. Being a detailed oriented person I favor that, I also like his quickness

Last but not the least, Marion Grasby is  my favorite cook. I like how she keeps her recipes simple, clean and fresh. For any Asian recipe I, most of the time seek inspiration from her work. I also find her cooking hacks very handy in real life.

Hi folks, I’m Kristi. A passionate home cook, food blogger and a full time stay home mom.

During my initial days which was 5-6 years ago our community food scene was not so strong as it is now. Which is one of the reasons why I got into food blogging. I started my food journey by sharing photos and recipes just so that I can show my creativity and also educate people about our cuisine but at the very beginning of 2020 I started recording myself while cooking and then after pandemic hit I took the role seriously and I’m blessed to say that now I make a living out of this.

From being the recipe developer to being the cook to the videographer and editor I handle all this role with sincerity and all this happened while I gave birth to two babies so being a mom also gave me a lot of grace.

I’m learning and trying to understand the flavours, especially about our Naga cuisine and I know that I have a long way to go to become a master at what I’m trying to achieve.


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