AP: Education is important and I think taking Music as a degree gives a plus point to an artist.  Am I wrong? Would you suggest it to aspiring, lost artist?

Kekhrie: Polishing one’s talent and art can never go wrong.
Whatever your talent and skill is, you cannot just stay stagnant. Always remember that there is someone better than you , take it as an inspiration and keep upgrading yourself.
I’m an artist and a teacher . It definitely is a plus point.

AP: Labeling oneself can be a journey. Your Bio says “The BOHO singer”, when did you start “identifying” as one. What is your experience in finding oneself?

Kekhrie: I’ve never followed fashion , could not afford it as well.

I’ve always worn whatever I felt comfortable in. I love sleeping on the floor.

And I’m the happiest around maxis ,anything free flowing , giant plants, animals, lanterns , dream catchers, cozy corners and warm lights.
I like simple little things, I also don’t hesitate to speak my mind …
I never knew that there is a culture associated to whatever I an drawn to. I Googled it and came across the term . So, I’m a Bohemian by default.

AP: Shout out time!

There are many people who are trying hard to make it and since I have this opportunity, I’m going to take it and mention some names I can think of.

1) Atsung Jamir , I love his voice

2) Watch out for the products of Infinity Next

3) Since 90’s , they’re not new to the scene. They were on a break . They’re coming up with their EP.

4) ilandlo of course

AP: If you could be anything you want to be. What would you like to be?

Kekhrie: If I were to be completely something or someone else , since it’s just a fantasy , I want to be a mermaid (a gorgeous singing one)haha

AP: Who would be “The person” you would like to meet?

Kekhrie: It would be Christina Aguilera. We shared similar childhood dramas. I don’t know much about her personally of course but from what I’ve figured out through her interviews, she is a fighter. I love this lady.

I’d probably ask her to give me singing lessons.

AP: How do you deal with “Trolls” ?

Kekhrie: There is good and bad in everything.
I try to make the best use of social media.
I don’t get trolled much because I’m not famous yet .
I did receive some negative comments but I really couldn’t care less.

I don’t even know who they are. So, the aunties and uncles can party among themselves while I move ahead.

AP: I believe one person can have more than one talent, unravel us more about yours.

Kekhrie: I don’t know if you would call it “talent” but Monsteras grow well in my hands.
And well, this is not a talent :

I am brave like my mother.

AP:  What are your favorite things to do when you are down?

Kekhrie: Depends on the reason why I am feeling down in the first place.
If it is something that can be solved with communication, I do it.
If not, I just pray or take a long walk or take the car out or just sleep on it .

My name is Kekhrie Ringa.

Singer ,songwriter and a vocal mentor .

I was created to sing, so I sing and I am trying to get better at it. I’m trained in Western classical style of singing, I have a bachelors degree in arts (Sazolie college) as well as Music(The Bangalore Conservatory) . I majored in vocal performance and by God’s grace I was awarded the best recital/performer award at the conservatory for the class of 2011. I’m an only child and I believe in the power of vibes and affirmations.

The only person I wanna please is God.


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