This local business from Kohima and has been providing us lip tints, lip balm, lip gloss and jewelries since 2018.

They also deal with mask chain and crochet dolls. Adorable, Classy, Cute, Sophisticated aura is being manifested from their products.

Where are you feeling empowered?

Being financially independent makes me feel-


What would you change about the assumptions of women made by Society?

Equality, I believe should begin at home. Women has always been considered to be the secondary being in a sense, women’s well being are sometimes put at stake because of the multiple assumptions made about them. Therefore to change such mindset, it must begin in the family because family is the basic social institution that could have great influence on how one perceive certain beliefs.

As a woman, how do you balance your work life and personal life?

Most days, it’s such a hassle trying to balance my personal life, studies and professional life. It can be hectic but what has driven me so far is my determination and my love for what I do.

It’s always about celebrating little victories that push you to where you are and where you can be.

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