My name is Aien. It’s just my short name and I haven’t publicly disclosed my full name due to privacy concerns. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Physics from St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi. I hail from Dimapur, Nagaland and have studied till 12th grade there itself. I started uploading videos on YouTube as one of the many hobbies cultivated during the 2020 COVID lockdown and by God’s grace, I have received love from so many people. 

I have two brothers and I am the middle child. I may not have the rights of the oldest or the privileges of the youngest but being the only girl child does suffice and balances all things out. I love my cats. They may come off as rude and uninterested but believe me, they are the sweetest and most adorable. I miss them a lot.

As one may have noticed, I used to cook a lot back home. It was a hobby in the making but ever since I had to leave for Delhi, I have hardly cooked anything. Even in the hostel, my friends cook the maggi for me (they make amazing maggi by the way). I am a big fan of anime. Although I barely get the time to watch new series these days, I find myself rewatching random episodes of previously watched anime and find comfort in it. I miss those days when I could binge entire seasons! 

One of my comfort foods has got to be coffee with hide&seek biscuits or Parle-G. It’s a childhood favourite.

What made you start vlogging? Your aesthetics seems to be a little different from other Naga bloggers, what are your inspirations for your contents?

I wish I could say some really inspirational motivation for starting my vlogs but the truth is, I was bored during lockdown and I wanted to learn video editing as a skill. So I thought to myself, why not film my daily life and use those clips to learn editing. And I did. I uploaded those videos on YouTube and that’s how I started vlogging.

My video aesthetics come from the likes of Japanese and Korean vloggers. I noticed that I found the “no-talking” (silent vlogs) very peaceful and soothing. It was also the time when I was obsessed with silent cafe vlogs. Hence, that inspired me to create a similar ambience in my videos too. 

Some channels I used to watch were : jihyunkkung, miku, nami, Zoe’s.

What does being a “Pet mom” means to you?

I have suffered numerous scratches and even had to get anti-rabies shot because of my cats but nevertheless, I love them a lot. I had two wonderful cats when I left for college in 2021 – Puss Puss and Luna. As of now, Luna has given birth to Simba, another cutie. Puss Puss is the chonky one. I feel bad now that we did not bother to be even 1% creative with his name- Puss puss is like a default name no? Luna is the agile one: a total insect hunter at night. Puss puss weirdly loves roti a lot. He loves sleeping on your lap but is totally against hugs. 

Tell us one fact about yourself .

I am terrified of butterflies. I will scream and run if they fly towards me.

What do you think came first? Egg or the Chicken?

Haha, this is a question that leaves us with more questions than an answer. I would like to dodge this and simply say “I don’t know” because this actually questions my support for creationism or evolution. It is the chicken for the former and the egg for the latter. I would leave it to the readers to decide for themselves too. 

How is Delhi treating you? Was it how you imagined it to be?

Delhi has been kind to me till now. Except for its extreme winters and summers. I got terrible blisters and blue fingers during December and January and painful rashes all over my body during peak summers of May, June and July. 

It is nothing less, nothing more than what I had imagined it to be. In fact, I am happy to  be living in a much greener environment than what I had expected. I live within the college campus and I love the greenery around here.

You cook Ramen very often in your videos. If you were to be a ramen, which one would you be and why?

I actually had to google the kinds of ramen that are even available before answering this question. Google showed me all kinds of fancy ramen and that gave me the answer that I would just be an instant ramen 🙂

I would love to be Samyang 1x ramen because even though it hurts you and makes you teary eyed, you still come back for it 😉

Shoutout time!

Pick N’ Play (My best friend just started her lip gloss business and I would like for her to get a push to grow her page)

Study space by carewell (I would love to visit and study here one day)

tizameraki  (amazing herbal and wellness tea and other local products)


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