BECKY MAKES STUCFFS| PICKLES or Becky Jamir is from Dimapur, Nagaland who loves cooking, creates food- related contents through her social media and You Tube channel. She makes one of the best Authentic Home-made pickles.

Where I feel empowered?

When I handle my own finances and decisions about the business I do, and the encouragement and support that I get from my family and husband I feel empowered.

What would you change about the assumptions of women made by Society?

““Women is just to take care of the house, kids, husband and in-laws”

These assumptions are made by the society not by God. Women can change these assumptions if we stand firm on our feet, if we use our talents and gifts given by God in a proper way then the society itself will change the assumptions of women.

As a woman, how do you balance your work life and motherhood?

Somebody said “why ask this question only to women? Why not men? They are also working; they are also fathers etc.”

So why only women should balance work life and motherhood or etc. Here also comes the assumption part that women are just for the house.

Well balancing work life and family is not an easy task there are so many challenges in and outside the house but the main thing is how you manage the time, if we can manage the time in a systematic way and also follow it then life will be much easier.

What message or wisdom, expertise or ideas would you like to convey other women?

My word to other women:

“You never settle for little. Never carry someone’s assumptions about you and think it as your fate. Keep going forward and you will get to your destination.”

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