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Earthly Inspired 2020

Earthly inspired 2020 is a brand from Kohima, Nagaland. Specialized in handmade pop sockets, phone charms, phone straps, necklace and other accessories. You find varieties made from Beads, Chains and Resin.

Where are you feeling empowered or disempowered in your woman’s story?

I feel empowered to be able to do the things I love without having to compromise with life’s obstacles.

What would you change about the assumptions of women made by Society?

Women are not just made for having kids and being the perfect lady in the family or anywhere. Women are made for more than what they can even imagine. They should let women be more adventurous in finding what they really are capable of, without the judgement of the society.

“Let them EXPLORE!”

As a woman, how do you balance your work life and motherhood?

“Being a mother it’s all about time management and support from my husband. And of course my passion to keep creating always keeps the work going on”.

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