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The Bouffage Experience

The Bouffage Experience is a home-based caterer, known for their delicious Home-made sausage which are available in 4 different varieties.

Where are you feeling empowered or disempowered in your woman’s story?

As a woman in this stereotypical society where women are shun to be treated equally, I feel empowered when I can make my own choices in every aspects of life knowing my self worth and where I can contribute something to the society by at least encouraging a friend or an individual through my work.

What would you change about the assumptions of women made by Society?

“Change starts from home”

Many questions raises when a woman is self- dependent or a women goes out to support her family. So, when we think of the traditional notion of the society where a women should stay indoors or not to share their opinions in decision making should be something to think about for it is said “change starts at home”. So, I just want to point out or tackle this basic traditional assumptions of the society where women are deprived to raise their voices at home or outside in the society.

As a woman, how do you balance your work life and motherhood?

Well it’s not easy but to balance personal and professional life, time management plays a great factor. We need to equally prioritize the demands of one’s personal, professional and business life.

What challenges do you stereotypically face?

Since my profession calls for traversing and interacting with both local and non local business owners, it gets quite challenging due to my gender. Being a female, they have a pre-conceived  notion and apprehensions pertaining to my skills and competency in business.

The theme for international Women’s day 2022 really resonates to me personally and professionally. Change starts from within and transpires to society. It is high time that society at large accepts that everyone is equal and women should be treated equally whether a secure  future for women or secure future for all.

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